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So what is a JavaScript object anyway?

First, let’s look at an object in a more non-programming sense such as a car. A car can have different colors, it can be manufactured by different companies (e.g. Ford, Kia, Tesla(What’s up Elon 😁), Chevy, etc.…), it can have different engines, different tire sizes, and plenty of other different properties. We can look at JavaScript objects the exact same way! So an object in JavaScript is simply just a entity that has properties to define the characteristics of that entity. …

Topic I learned This Week: Practice/Project!

Unfortunately I had to skip a week of coding because I have been moving, but I am back on track and learning. I have not learned any new concepts, but I have been practicing what I have learned so far by creating a small project which is a dice game.

What have I incorporated in the project?

The first thing that I incorporated in this project is generating a random number for the dice when the player click the roll button. My thought process went like this: So the maximum number of a regular dice can be from 1 to 6. So my first google search was…

Topic I learned this week: NONE!

I surprisingly have not learned anything new this week. The reason for this is that I did not want to get stuck in tutorial hell (this is a big problem beginners face). So instead of learning something new, I decided to take on my first small JavaScript project!

The mini project is called “The Pig Game”

Overall, this is a online dice game. when determining how to code the game I had to first establish the requirements(rules) for the game.

The Game Rules

  • The game has only 2 players
  • Each turn a player rolls the dice as many times as they wish. Each result will get added to the ROUND SCORE.

Topic I learned this week: JavaScript Hoisting!

When I took a JavaScript course about two years ago in college, the topic of JavaScript hoisting didn't really get mentioned for some reason. It could be that I don’t remember but I know that this is a important topic to understand. I haven’t got a chance to really see how it works in a real project, but I now understand the basic concept of what it does. The simplest way that I can define hoisting is when variable and function declarations are moved to the top of their scope before code execution. So basically, no matter where the variables…

Topic I learned this week: Loops!

This week I learned another important concept in JavaScript which is loops. Loops is used in any programming language I can think of. You will always use this in programming. Loops are a way to repeat the same code multiple times. I am no expert but here is a example: If you wanted to execute code from 1–10 you can use a loop instead of writing that same code 10 times. Lets take a look at how the while loop work.

I finally made it to a month of the #100DaysOfCode challenge!

It feels so good to finally be consistent at learning how to program in JavaScript! Its been a month and I feel like I learned so many different concepts but it also feel like I have so much longer to go (which i’m sure I do) until I can feel competent in this language. One thing I noticed is that I am learning more than I did in the past by taking time to really understand the concepts. It is no rush for me, I rather take my time and really get a grasp of these basic concepts.

Topic I learned this week: Challenging myself

Sometimes I…

Topic I learned this week: JavaScript Arrays

JavaScript arrays is a important topic that I learned this week. Arrays are definitely another one of those concepts that you will see over and over again in programming. A JavaScript array is basically something you would use when you want to store a ordered collection of information. I didn’t learn every aspect of an array such as a multidimensional array, internals, etc. Lets take a look at how you would declare an array.

Consistency is key, as usual.

So I talked about my first week of the 100 days of code challenge in a previous article which you can find here. This has been a interesting journey and the more I learn JavaScript, the more difficult it gets. That can be discouraging for beginners like myself but I like the challenge! What that being said, lets go over what I learned this week.

Topic I learned this week: JavaScript Functions

So JavaScript functions is the only thing that I learned this week. …

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Why did I start the #100DaysOfCode challenge?

Throughout my journey of learning to program I learned one of the most important things you could possibly learn, which is being consistent! I took a JavaScript course while being in college a few years ago. Guess how much of that JavaScript I remember and can implement? NONE! Wonder why? I do not remember anything because after I took the course I was not consistently working on bettering my skills in JavaScript. So if you are learning programming, the best advice that I can give is consistency is key. With that being said, I started the #100DaysOfCode challenge to force…

Dear developers, The more you fail, the more you succeed.

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How I end up landing a developer (DevOps) interview Without applying.

So I have been learning web development for about a year now and I have learned a lot of things during that year. I felt like I knew enough to start applying for jobs but I was still hesitant. For some reason my gut was telling me maybe I am not ready yet so I did not apply to any jobs. Out of nowhere, I was contacted on LinkedIn by the director of operations saying that my resume aligns with what the company was looking for (KEEP YOUR LINKEDIN UPDATED…

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